A British producer, director, writer and performer of radio and television shows. He can be credited with involvement in many of the cutting edge comedy shows of recent years including:

From the list it is clear there is a great deal of satire in his work. Indeed, the "Armistice" shows were filmed very shortly before broadcast in order for them to remain as topical as possible. His dark humour pervades most of his work, from the deeply sad life of Alan Partridge to the sometimes disturbing work of Chris Morris.

Armando was raised in Glasgow by his Italian father. He attended a Roman Catholic boys' school and went on to read English at Oxford. I was a model pupil at school and I didn't really have an agenda, he said in an interview for The Guardian I wanted to do something in comedy, but I was never subversive.

He started his radio career at Radio Scotland, where he fell into producing shows. He remained mainly in the role of producer for a number of years, while his latest offering, The Armando Iannucci Shows saw him performing his own material once more. This was a very different brand of humour to the satire of the previous work, with sketches concentrating on the stupidity of modern life There are only two things in the world that give us absolute total happiness. One is unwrapping a newly-bought CD, and the other is seeing other people fail


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