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Arovane's music is soothing and evocative. Electronic music with a soul, intelligent and layered, he's part of a family of electronic musicians who have not abandoned melody for pure experimentation.

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Ambient | IDM | Experimental

from offical webpage:

Born 1965 in Hameln / Germany. In 1980 he started to experiment with treated tapes and a Casio organ. Three years later, he swapped the Casio for an analogue modular synth with fx. In 1989, he moved to Munich where he joined Six and More, a collective of musicians all working on the idea of free, live, electronic improvisation. In 1991, he finally moved to Berlin, where he started to built a proper studio. His first releases appeared 1997/1998 on the Berlin-based label Din. In 1999 he started recording for City Centre Offices, another imprint from Berlin, as well. He is currently recording material for various labels around the world.

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