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Canadian politician, former Prime Minister from 10 July 1920 - 29 December 1921 and again from 29 June 1926 - 25 September 1926.

Meighen succeeded Robert Borden in 1920, following his retirement. In the election of 1921, unpopular Tory war policies ended in a defeat. Meighen became leader of the opposition and won a Tory majority in 1925. However, Meighen was unable to take office because of the formation of a Liberal-Progressive coalition. The coalition dissolved in a non confidence maneuver and Meighen was appointed Prime Minister by the Governor General. He was unable to hold the whole mess together for very long, and was forced to call another election, which he lost to William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Meighen was something of a rarity for a Canadian prime minister. He was a lawyer, and studied mathematics. He was shy and possibly the finest orator to speak in the house of commons. He was also somewhat eccentric, in the absent minded professor way, and was known to arrive at the House of Commons wearing his slippers.

Previous Prime Minister: Sir Robert Borden (1920)
Next Prime Minister: William Lyon Mackenzie King (1921) and again in (1926)

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