It is a yearly competition that began in 1995, open to all post-secondary education students in Canada. The winner(s) of the competition get a paid internship at Magna International while the runner-ups share with the winners cash prizes totalling a bit more then $300,000 (Canadian, at current rates that’s about $200,000 US)

To participate in the competition you must submit a 2,500 word essay on what you would do as the right honourably Prime Minister of Canada. The essay itself is quite open otherwise, as for example past winners have focused on Canadian Unity, Senate Reform and even one essay on why: “The 21st century belongs to Canada

Out of all the participants 50 semi-finalists get to go to a 5 day event in Toronto which these finalists get a $500 check and get opportunities to get into some stimulating discussions on the future of Canada. Out of these 50, 11 finalists get to meet the Prime Minister of Canada where at a private luncheon get to formally read their essay to the Prime Minister and other notable house members such as the House Speaker. This lucky group of 11 each get $10,000 and a 4 month internship, each worth about $15,000. The national winner gets an additional $10,000 and a 1 year internship at Magna International, valued at $50,000. All finalists (semi included) get an official certificate of recognition in this premier awards program.

Recent Winners:
- 2002: Robin Rix, from the University of Toronto
- 2001: Christina Stachulak, from the University of Ottawa
- 2000: Richard Meloff, from the University of Toronto and McGill University
- 1999: Cory MacDonald, from the University of Ottawa
- 1998: Christopher MacLeod, from the University of Saskatchewan
- 1997: Loleen Youngman, from the University of Calgary
- 1996: Walter Parsons
- 1995: Trevor Moat

To participate go to

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