Leader in the lower congressional house or Congress. In the United States federal government the third most powerful man. Becomes Presidet if the President and Vice President should happen to die before another Vice President&is appointed. The Speaker of the House is determined by party vote - The dominant party in Congress chooses him.

The Speaker of the House is also the presiding Officer in The House of Commons, the lower House in the Parliamentary system. The office originated in the mother of parliaments.

The Speaker, by parliamentary tradition is the only member who speaks. All questions to Minister of the Crown must be addressed through him. "Mr. Speaker", as he is often referred to, administers all discipline in the House, and is responsible for it smooth working.

In Canada, the Speaker of the House is effectively the CEO of aq multi-million dollar corporation.

The office of Speaker of the House has been occupied by wealthy and powerful men. For reference, I have compiled a list of those men along with the Session of Congress they served in and the State they represented.

Over the next few weeks, I will begin to build biography nodes for each Speaker of the House. Any assistance would be appriciated. As has been requested, I will be adding dates of service to each member as I updated their biographies.

1st, 3rd
 Frederick A.C. Muhlenberg, Pennsylvania
 Jonathan Trumbull, Connecticut
4th, 5th
 Jonathan Dayton, New Jersey
 Theodore Sedgwick, Massachusetts
7th – 9th 
 Nathaniel Macon, North Carolina
10th, 11th
 Joseph B. Varnum, Massachusetts
12th – 16th, 18th,
 Henry Clay, Kentucky
 Langdon Cheves, South Carolina
16th, 19th, 
 John W. Taylor, New York
 Philip P. Barbour, Virginia
20th - 22nd
 Andrew Stevenson, Virginia
 John Bell, Tennessee
24th, 25th
 James K. Polk, Tennessee
 Robert M.T. Hunter, Virginia
 John White, Kentucky
 John W. Jones, Virginia
 John W. Davis, Indiana
 Robert C. Winthrop, Massachusetts
 Howell Cobb, Georgia
32nd, 33rd 
 Linn Boyd, Kentucky
 Nathaniel P. Banks, Massachusetts
 James L. Orr, South Carolina
 William Pennington, New Jersey
 Galusha A. Grow, Pennsylvania
38th - 40th 
 Schuyler Colfax, Indiana
 Theodore M. Pomeroy, New York
41st - 43rd
 James G. Blaine, Maine
 Michael C. Kerr, Indiana
44th - 46th
 Samuel J. Randall, Pennsylvania
 J. Warren Keifer, Ohio
48th - 50th 
 John G. Carlisle, Kentucky
51st, 54th, 55th 
 Thomas B. Reed, Maine
52nd, 53rd 
 Charles F. Crisp, Georgia
56th, 57th 
 David B. Henderson, Iowa
58th - 61st 
 Joseph G. Cannon, Illinois
62nd - 65th 
 James Beauchamp Clark, Missouri
66th - 68th 
 Frederick H. Gillett, Massachusetts
69th - 71st 
 Nicholas Longworth, Ohio
 John N. Garner, Texas
 Henry T. Rainey, Illinois
 Joseph W. Byrns, Tennessee
74th - 76th 
 William B. Bankhead, Alabama
76th - 79th
 Sam Rayburn, Texas
80th, 83rd 
 Joseph W. Martin, Jr., Massachusetts
81st, 82nd, 84th - 87th 
 Sam Rayburn, Texas
87th - 91st 
 John W. McCormack, Massachusetts
92nd - 94th
 Carl B. Albert, Oklahoma
95th - 99th 
 Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr., Massachusetts
100th, 101st
 James C. Wright, Jr., Texas
101st - 103rd
 Thomas S. Foley, Washington
104th - 105th
 Newt Gingrich, Georgia
106th - 109th
 J. Dennis Hastert, Illinois 

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