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The Great Houses are the noble families who are entitled to vote at the Landsraad council and are capable of space travel by purchasing the services of the Spacing Guild.

They include:

  • House Atreides
  • House Corrino
  • House Ginaz
  • House Harkonnen
  • House Mortanni
  • House Ordos
  • House Wallach

    see Dune, Frank Herbert
  • Also includes the Houses (in decreasing order of votes granted in the Landsraad as of the beginning of Leto II's reign): Alman, Kenric, Wallach, Marmusetz, Wikkheiser, Kyzyl, Ophelion, Qair, Tiiopa'il, Delambre, Ezharian, Hajus, Moritani, Clanricarde, Forbino, Ginaz, Hybla, Morotai, Pastran, Pinang, Thorgod, Tombe, Turenne, Bagrationi, Ispartha, Medvedev, Penchi, Togramah, Ludvonga, Burgerish, Chlemnik, Genissai, Guilford, Hirado, Isfahan, Khumali, Masjed, Samarama, Bromeli, Cephalus, Edomdred, Elioz

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