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In Norse Mythology, Asgard (Norw. "Åsgård") is the land of the gods, where the Aesir lives. The name comes from "As" meaning god (singular of Aesir) and "gard" meaning farm or home.

Asgard is located at the centre of the world. Like everything else, Asgard is built from Ymir's dead body.

Places in Asgard:

  • Idavoll
  • Valhall - The hall of the dead
  • Gladsheim - Odin's hall
  • Lidskjalv - Odin's seat
  • Urdarbrunnr - The norns' well by a root of Yggdrasil
  • Vingolf - Frigg's hall
  • Valaskjálf - Vali's house. Built around Lidskjalv.
  • Bifrost - The Rainbow Bridge leading out of Asgard into Midgard, or in some accounts leading to Urd's Well.

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