Well, actually, to a degree the stereotype is true. When I was in Australia, anytime you see an expert playing a game, chances are that the person is an Asian. When I was in Hong Kong I witnessed some amazing displays of skills in arcade games. I participated in a couple competitions, namely Soul Caliber and Virtual On Oratorio Tangram. Those were the only two games I had any chance of competing in. Among the games that Asians seem to be unbeatable in: There are a few others as well. It just seems that we Asians spend more time playing arcade games. Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan are especially notorious for producing kids who are all but invincible in some games, probably because they play way too much. Drop by an arcade in any of those places to see some truly wonderful shows. Especially Virtual On.

However, we all suck at pinball. I don't know why that is. We do fairly well in shooting games. No, thick glasses doesn't mean we can't shoot. I can still kick some ass in paintball.

Among the more amusing incidents was when Cornell had a Virtual On tournament. Sponsored by the Asian community of course. Out of like 50 contestants, there was 1 white man, and he was eliminated pretty fast. Among Cantonese laughs of "The white devil lost! I knew it!", he walked out, puzzled, because I've seen him play his friends before and he never lost to them. Apparently he's never played an Asian in Virtual On before.

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