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an entry in OLA Scary Story Contest 2000

At 6 I die
by Toby, age eight

My name is Toby this story is about me and my friends Kyle, Michle, Carlos and Malcome.

I said to carlos do you want to come with us shour he said. Malcome said to Michele are you having fun so far and then Michele said we are just waking. I said to evrewone are you ready too have some fun.   "yeah!"   here $20.00 for you to play some game my mom gave them to me. Michele better I was to scared to go on the Scary Scream Machine and I started to get the goose bumps I said I can do it are you sure yes I am sure. Then lets go first no I go after I play games   ""k"   Michele said. You go play your then. Are   "you ready"   "no"   "Are you ready"   "no"   are you ready"  "no"   "are you ready"   "yes"  then lets go we were in the back of the line as the line moved up Michele said it is time. Me and him got in the front he said are you scared no way are you sure yessssss I am sure. Kyle said you do not half too do this. I said I can do it! We were going One Hundred miles per hour we basekly turned in side out. I was rilly brave, Kyle said and scared I said.

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