First uttered by Peter Fonda, apparently when describing a drug experience to John Lennon. Lennon allegedly replied, "You're making me feel like I've never been born." He was so taken by the words that he used them in She Said, She Said.

no... but i know what it's like to die.
it's always memories like that that surface first. extreme *emotion* of any kind tends to filter through all the rest of the mishmash.
i remember strong loves (mostly the same soul in various bodies). i remember flashes of extreme joy and gut-wrenching fear. but my most prominent memories... well, i know what it's like to die.
i've died more times than i remember now... i still have only so very few snatches of anything, really... but i've died. and very rarely tamely or peacefully. (or if i have... i do not remember those... for they would have less extreme feel to them as the more sudden or painful or wrong ones).
i have died in battle... taking a blow meant for the man who at the time i ...loved. and i died senselessly then... for he could not take my gift.
i have died in fire or explosion, i am not yet sure which. a sudden catastrophe caught me unaware in smoke and flame and fear. it was ... painful, and difficult. but mercifully fast
so yes... i know what it's like to be dead... and what it's like to die... it happens to me, all the time...

my own personal time capsule of lives

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