This is a transcription of the results of a brainstorm sessions for new games at Atari circa 1980. Written exactly as is:


06 Feb. 80

H. Jenkins

R. Adam, A. Doyne, M. Quero, J. Margolin

R. Crawford, D. Liu D. Sherman

  1. Breakout - with improved resolution (more bricks) and round ball (play can add english via trac-ball).

  2. 2-Player Video Pinball - Head-to-Head combat style.

  3. "Land the enterprise" - 1st person lunar lander.

  4. 1st person Breakout or Raquetball. Perspective view of room with brick back wall.

    Paddle moves in x-y plane with trac-ball).

  5. 1st person Space Invaders.

  6. Space docking game - possibly combined with Margolin's Warp Speed.

  7. Risk (Capture the Flag) - attempt to capture base across playfield by crossing DMZ (random access) into enemy territory.

  8. 1st person Missle Command - player views earth from space station in geostable orbit.

  9. "Helicopter" - night mission protecting hamlet being invaded by other helicopters.

  10. 1st person Warriors - player does battle with animated figure of Warrior. Uses realistic, 1st person control-input device.

  11. 1st person Adventure - player moves through rooms (25c each) and encounters situations in each.

  12. Sports Games: Bobsledding/Luge, Sking, Log rolling, Motorcycle Motocross, ski jumping ("the agony of de-feet), video tiddlie winks.

  13. 1st person Cockroach - like wack-a-mole, but using feet.

  14. "Mr. Bill" - utilize a selection of weapons to destroy "Mr. Bill" character in least possible time.

  15. Hang Glider - Hang from controls, terrain scrolls on video under feet
  16. 1st person Mole - find your way out of a 1st person maze. Screen is black except when you hit a wall.

  17. 1st person Skydiver - use fans or stereo sound to indicate wind direction.

  18. Color/pattern generator based on player input. Could be located in discos and keyed to audio input from P.A.

  19. Eliza Psychiatrist - several minutes of interactive counseling per play.

  20. Stagecoach racing/calf roping - country western themes.

  21. Space Invaders type game with many different types of enemy all behave differently

  22. "Name-that-tune"

  23. Simulators: Locomotives, big trucks, small aircraft, ocean ships (with control lag), aircraft landing, river rafting, bulldozer.

  24. Tidy Bowl Races - water racing utilizing hydrosprint hardware.

  25. Green Peace - player maneuvers between hunters and whales.

  26. 2 - caninet link-ups: Helicopters vs. tanks; combat asteroids.

  27. Water surface skipping bomb - attempt to "skip" bomb into hole across lake.

  28. Mountian Climb - choose fastest pattern of hand holds to top (via track ball).

  29. Melt Down - Manipulate reactor control rods to maximize power yet prevent melt down.

  30. Mission - participate in several flying missions (bombing runs, dog fights, etc.) yet return safely home before running out of time.

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