UK company that owns numermous bus an train companies around Britain , Portugal, Hong Kong, Australia, USA and New Zealand. These include :-
South West Trains and Sheffield's Supertram.
Their chairman, Brian Souter paid £1 million to a campaign against gay rights. Money that would be better spent on improving the shoddy state of the companies transport services.

A movie directed by John Ford, which starred John Wayne - It was the movie that made him a star. StageCoach marked the renaissance of the Western genre, and it is the classic of the genre - featuring Ringo Kid, fastest gunslinger around, the "good" prostitute, chased from town by the virtuous ladies, the drunken doctor, the crooked gangster... among its scenes are the attack by indians, the gunfight, the poker game where a character has the Dead Man's Hand, and of course the happy ending. It was the first of many movies made by John Ford that features the Monument Valley.A proof of its excellency is that Orson Welles viewed it fifty times, he claims, while "in training" for his first movie, Citizen Kane.

Stage"coach` (?), n.

A coach that runs regularly from one stage, station, or place to another, for the conveyance of passengers.


© Webster 1913.

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