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The book you are holding is full of lies.

In the same vein as the “b” stories found in the regular Atomic Robo comic series, Real Science Adventures is a collection of short stories written by Brian Clevinger, with the art provided by a range of talented artists. As usual, it is lettered by Jeff Powel, colored by Matt Speroni, and series regular artist Scott Wegener provides the covers, all of which hearken back to covers of old pulps with absurdly over-the-top taglines like “Too THRILLING! Too DARING! Too SCIENCE! But you will believe a robot can punch!” and CONSPIRACY! KUNG-FU! CLONING! CRABS! All this and (slightly) more await within!”

While not all of the stories feature Atomic Robo or the action scientists of Tesladyne, they are all related to the “robo-verse”, often referencing events from the normal series. They feature encounters with famous figures, myths, monsters, and alternate histories. Most of the stories are short and in medias res, but while some could use a bit more space to clear up the narrative, they are all entertaining.

Volume 1 (2012)
ISBN: 978-0-9868985-1-8

  • Bloop: (Artist: Paul Maybury) Robo investigates the "Bloop".
  • City of Skulls: (Artist: Chris Houghton) A follow up to the 2008 FCBD issue, Robo confronts some of Ivan Koschey's left-over robots whose high radioactivity was killing the residents of a nearby Siberian city.
  • Daedalus Project: (Artist: Zack Finrock) A team of British agents, associated with BIS, fight their way through a Helsingard facility.
  • Leaping Metal Dragon: (Artist: John Broglia) Robo takes kung-fu lessons from Bruce Lee.
  • Monster Hunters: (Artist: Rob Reilly) The Reds from TF2 are hired by Robo to capture the Yonkers Devil...Or are they1
  • Most Perfect Science Division: (Artist: Xevi Benitez) A team of Chinese scientists remote pilot a Robo analogue against a Helsingard battle suit in Sezhou.
  • Once Upon A Time In China: (Artist: Xevi Benitez) Shot down by Japanese planes during WWII, Robo spends some time in a rural Chinese village.
  • Philadelphia Experiment: (Artist: Erica Henderson) A 1943 test of an electro-magnetic cloaking device, the design of which was taken from notes stolen from Tesla, causes the USS Eldridge to disappear. Three days later, the ship and crew reappeared four hundred miles away in pieces.
  • Tesla's Electric Sky Schooner: (Artist: Gurihiru) In a story that would make any Steampunk fan drop their telescoping monocle in a quiver of whimsy, The Centurions of Science (a team made up of; George Westinghouse, Charles Fort, Nikola Tesla, Annie Oakley, Wong Kei-Ying, Winfield Scott Lovecraft, and Harry Houdini) fly a ship into combat against a Helsingard war zeppelin designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
  • The Dark Age: (Artist: Zack Finrock) Robo, who hadn't read any comic books in forty years, walks into a mid 90's comic shop to see what modern comics are all about. He is severely disappointed by what he finds. Cue the requisite jab at Rob Leifeld.
  • Revenge of Dr. Dinosaur: (Artist: Yuko Ota) An expansion of "Why Dr. Dinosaur Hates Atomic Robo" (the expansion of the 2009 FCBD issue "Why Atomic Robo Hates Dr. Dinosaur"), Dr. Dinosaur enacts his revenge.
  • To Kill A Sparrow: (Artist: Ryan Cody) Sparrow II, "The most dangerous British commando", teams up with Virginia Hall, "the most dangerous allied spy", to fight the Germans in Nazi occupied France.
  • FCBD 2012: (Artist: Scott Wegener) Robo and Dr. Dinosaur team up to stop a LHC experiment from destroying the universe...Or do they‽

1: How awesome would it be to have an Atomic Robo helmet for the Spy class in TF2?

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