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Art Nouveau illustrator and author, major works: Le Morte d'Arthur, Salome, Lysistrata. Wrote "Ballad of a Barber", "Under the Hill: or the Story of Venus and Tannhauser" Lived from 1872-1898. Died of tuberculosis, from which he suffered throughout his life. Delicately handsome in a David Bowie mode, his polished manner and lively disposition made him a popular figure in London society, and well-remembered even after his death.

Under the Hill, which was left unfinished, has a curious quality of things not said, and it's been surmised that he incorporated Buddhist ideas into this medieval legend. Died at Menton, in France near the Italian border, clutching a rosary, after writing a letter begging his publisher to burn all his pornographic output.

The publisher forged copies of this letter and sold them at a handsome profit.

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