These are the Geek boys and the awkward clumsy boys. The boys with high metabolisms who sit inside all day and code and read BOOKS and eat pizza and ramen and Kraft Dinner.

And this is why they are attractive:

There's that point in high school (usually either the end of freshman year to the beginning of Sophomore year. it is sudden, but not an instantaneous process) when the Stunted little geek boys with thick glasses and little-boy voices suddenly Unfurl into tall, awkward skinny boys.

First are the nose and feet. The nose swells to ridiculous proportions to the face, the bridge leading upward, recalling any breaks in earlier childhood. Their face will probably never grow to the full proportions of that nose, but this is good. The feet go at about this time as well, going through 6 shoe sizes in a matter of two or three months. Similar to the lion paws on a Golden Retriever puppy, you know by looking at them that they will have to (in relatively short order) support a much larger animal. Any chance at Coordination is entirely gone at this point, and will not return for at least a year.

At this time, the voice starts to go, although this is less predictable. It may have started a while ago. It probably already richened out of little boy soprano, depending on the end destination, into an Alto or a Tenor. If it hasn't already it will at this point it will finish its dive down to tenor, baritone or Basso range.

Next come the rest of the extremities - namely the arms and legs. I swear it must be that one morning these 15 year old boys wake up and their arms and legs are 6" longer than when they went to bed the night before. Watching them, they now lope instead of walk. Legs and feet have a tendency to catch on unwatched for things, or each other. Arms are folded cautiously in towards the body; shoulders folded down and forward in protective bad posture. Trying to sit in chairs used the day before becomes a chore. The extra long limbs must be folded and tucked and turned in strange awkward ways to fit into desks at school or into cars or seats on buses.

This becomes a period of perpetual bad posture and pants that don't fit, because the rest of the body has years before it catches up. Slowly the shoulders will Broaden, cheekbones and jawbones and Brow ridges show up. They will adjust to their new limb length. Gain 30 or 40lbs so that they are no longer the 90lb Weakling, but the 120lb skinny boy.

They will not be conventionally handsome with square manly jawbones ripping out from underneath their skin. They will still have coke-bottle glasses, still carry a book with them wherever they go, nose often stuck in it. They will retain their aristocratic pallor and rarely venture out of doors on sunny days for fear of skin cancer. They will still be awkward and Opinionated and smart. They will just be skinny boys as well. And their awkwardness and general geekiness is Endearing. And attractive. And they will generate a (to them) surprising amount of shy and Appreciative attention.

Skinny boys are everywhere. Look and enjoy.

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