Mr Cute Sweater;

Let’s talk about what it was, in the beginning. My cheap boob-hefting trick? Not intentional. At least I caught the smile without leering, one point for you. Cute kids in tow, not obviously not mine, gauge reaction? Smile with eyes, you score again. Holding doors for me? I should not have fallen for this but it is always such a bonus.

You baby lover. You chivalrous punk. What was it with all your good moves? As though you had the manual and were following me chapter by chapter. Step one to winning the woman's heart. Step two. Step three. Watch her swoon, see it work?

I rather think, Sweater Boy, that you were just as removed from it as I was. Exercise in flirtation? (Let's see how far we can take it). It was so corny delightful to watch myself become fascinated in you, Mr. Newly Adorable. Did you see it happening? It was rather silly to let myself fall into you, Mister, but it happened.

But. So sorry , Mr. Hopeful. It turns out that it is mostly your sweaters, itchy wool, that I am interested in. Pretend the word sweater is a synonym for undying friendship devotion, nothing at all like love. Can I borrow one someday? Would you mind if I stole that sweater of yrs one day and never gave it back? I'd much rather have it than your heart.


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