Lady, it is not even your face, although we could frame that and keep it near the mirror for daily discouragement, no, Lady, it is your mind. Would you lend it to me for a bit?

I have one word for you and it is not Witty although it could be, it is not Charming, although it could be that too. Today I have one word for you and it is Poise. Would you lend that to me for a bit?

I didn't think so.

Here's where the suspicion part comes in: it is an act, right? You aren't really that sure of yourself, right? I would so much like for you to say Yes, it is half faked. I would know it is not duplicity, rather some form of preservation or survival. That would be fine with me. Would make it easier to trust you, Look, she is the same as me. Look, she is also mostly confident front.

Say it is true, Ms Gorgeous. It would be so fair that way.

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