Famous ZZ Top song about one woman who has really good legs. (see above). From the 1983 album Eliminator. Usually the first song that introduces listeners to ZZ Top.

The limbs of an animal, used in supporting the body and in walking and running.
The part of the limbs from the knees to the foot, or the whole limbs.
The long or slender support of anything.

Wine legs, aka tears, are actually related to a wine's alcoholic strength, and have nothing to do with a wine's quality.

The phenomenon of wine tearing was explained in 1855 by a British physicist and engineer named James Thompson. Tearing is produced by a complex reaction between the alcohol and the water in wine. Pure water or pure alcohol does not form legs. It usually happens in wines, and other distilled spirits, above 12 percent alcohol.

Anyone doubting that legs are purely dependant on alcohol content, and not indicative of wine quality, just needs to buy a jug of cheap California port, pour it in a favorite glass, and watch the magnificent legs form.

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