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Apollyon's Adventures in India

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The architecture in Bombay is amazing, there is such a clash between imperial western buildings and the Indian palaces. There is also some fantastic crossover where inspiration has lead architects to create something that’s a bit of both.
However the difference between the central train station (which makes St. Pancras look like an office block) and the open sewer that runs alongside it, is phenomenal. I wonder if the country wasn't so politically corrupt that they couldn't do something like this now. God knows that they’ve got the economy, resources and people power, but they just don’t have the leadership. In the next fifty years India will be one of the richest nations on earth, probably fourth after China, Europe and America (in that order).
I can't wait to see what they will produce then.

One of the best things about Bombay in rainy season is the smell. The rain keeps them fresh and the humidity lets them travel.
On any Bombay road you might smell: fish, charcoal, rubbish, urine, bread, curry, flowers, leather, petrol, fruit, incense, chi, shisha, cow manure, foul, sandal wood, and some other things that you can’t place!
People say that there are 10,000 more bad smells than good ones. When an awful odour enters your nose you snort it out and hold your breath but conversely when you have a nice smell you breathe it deeply and try to experience it as much as possible. I think on balance we've got a good deal going on. Walking around India is like taking those sweets in Harry Potter that can taste of anything; the fun is in the risk of breathing through your nose!

I'm not sure if you’ve worked this out yet but Sanket HATES India. I don't think he has liked a moment of the holiday so far. He is seriously thinking about renouncing his citizenship. (What the hell happens if you do that?)
Just imagine a London tour guide going: 'this is London Bridge, it links one miserable dark dank grey stretch of land to another miserable dark dank stretch of land...'
Ironically his family name 'Chowkidar' translates to 'guide'
I remain enthusiastic.

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