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Node your homework. Well, sorta. They (you know, them. They!) have me on Ambien for the time being due to massive chronic insomnia, and my first night on the drug was accompanied by strange hallucinations and conversations that I didn't remember having the next day. So last night, after taking the medication, I decided that I was going to write an email to a friend who is currently serving a stint in the Navy. This, with no editing, is presented for your entertainment as "what happened" (a word of explanation: fastdemise was created as my friend's first online username during an IT class taught by one Kelly McLane):

Remember fastdemise, when that first came about, and mclane was like "when I said 'name it whatever you want' i kind of expected something more mature. No. We got fast demise."

Forgive my schizophrenic ramblings, they have me on drugs to make me have the sleep, and they are fascinating in a word. They make me hallucinate and lose grip of reality very quickly. I swear that my monitor didn't use to bend into this shape, and all the words down at the far end of the monitor seem too far away to touch, so I have to hope that they are safe there, too, alone, and that they require no further instructions in order to go on living their pathetic little daily lives.. So we don't play with those words. One day they'll build a road and then you'll know. You don't cross this road.

You know, it's hard to type when everything seems like it's moving when you don't ask it to, and you can put enough brain cells together to work the rest. I told a friend the other night that I was on sleep meds because I "saw the dragons." If you can tell me what the dragons were and what seeing them meant, maybe this will be useful to me. Up until them, I'm pretty sure i'm having a psychotic break right now and I can't focus or more than two seconds.

Don't let them tell you the secret, but my hands are enormous right now, they don't like you to know that. The side effect is MASSIVE HANDS, which you'd think would be something regulated by the FDA, but here we are. Well, that and fuzzy eyeballs. I've heard of fuzzy teeth, but fuzzy eyeballs? That takes the cake.

I don't think my fingers will forgive me if I don't go to bed in a minute or less. I'm in the crazy zone. So yeah.

Try not to spill the cat litter.

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