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Two days ago I woke at 4:00 eastern standard time on the porch of the 1938 cabin built for my maternal grandparents. I stuffed my sleeping bag, had tea, packed my suitcase, washed all the dishes and put them in plastic bins to protect from mouse poop. I put the shutters up. Usually this involves two people, one on the outside and one on the inside, yelling, but I did it alone. I pulled the food out of the refrigerator and boxed it for neighbors. I went to the boathouse, put the 17 pound canoe over the rafters over my head. This involved lines and knots but went smoothly. I locked the boathouse and moved the motorboat to the front rocks. I checked the Big Cabin and a mouse had drowned in the sugar/borax mix meant for powder post beetles. I removed the mouse and covered the three bowls with tinfoil with holes in it. This might keep mice out but probably not. I locked that cabin and the toolshed.

Back to the Little Cabin and moved the baggage and garbage to the boat. Was not quite ready by 8:00. Turned off the propane to the stove, had done the fridge the night before, and locked that cabin.

I took the boat and dropped the food at the neighbors. Took the boat to the parking area and left it. Threw out the trash, including the dead mouse, and loaded the rental car. Drove to Sault Saint Marie, Ontario. Dropped the rental car. A shuttle was arranged to take me across the border to Sault Saint Marie, MI. This went smoothly. I took the plane to Detroit and another plane to Seattle. The connection landed ten minutes after the Seattle plane started boarding but I made it. Last one on, I think.

Off the plane in Seattle, collect luggage and took the light rail downtown. Walked six blocks to the ferry. Ferry to Bainbridge Island and had a beer. 6:00 pm by then, West Coast time. My daughter called, had finished work by 7:15. She left home in the van but it overheated and was hissing, so she ditched it just outside town at a friends and drove his truck down. I ate some dinner as she came and then I drove back. To bed by about 10:00 and up to work yesterday. Yesterday went pretty well and today is the day that I am tired.....

The Band I Shall be Released


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