As many of you already know, after a 13 year hiatus -


I practically lived here in 2003, spending 8-12 hours a day reading, visiting, working on my homenode, helping newbies and so on. I'm especially proud of my Everything Quests: The Nobel Prize winners bringing to light so many great people in history. I also proud of my homenode, I spent a great deal of time on it and it even got a couple of C!'s, it's like a archeological site - I'm really reluctant to begin to update it. Someone suggested I leave it as is and start any new additions above the original page, a good idea that I am likely to do.

I made it back here once after I disappeared, to let my friends and aquaintances here know I was ok on April 19, 2004- I thought I'd be back soon after that, but spent almost the entire next decade completely offline.

I never forgot E2, thought of it, and the friends I'd made here very often. I also really wanted to make it back here to update the Nobel Prize winners list in my Quest node.

When I did get back online, I ended up on Reddit which is like a never ending Rabbit Hole. I lurked there for over a year before finally making a username and eventually joining one of the most bizarre communities (subreddits) on Reddit where they count, endlessly count for over 4 years now, in their quest to reach infinity. I am currently working on a WU in regards to that community r/counting.

I rejoined this community on July 28th of this year - fell and hurt my back and broke my ankle just hours later. My re-entrance here was rather funny - I was sending messages to my ole friends here, not realizing they were going to the Catbox and not to the intended recipients. I couldn't figure out how they knew I was here, when I realized they were talking about me in the Catbox lol.

Since it's been hard to do much writing when I was in a lot of pain, I have just been lurking, catching up with now long gone friends via their daylogs and trying to relearn everything here again.

Thanks to all those who've remained and kept this website alive - it's one of the best on the internet in my opinion.



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