I remember when Everything2 would have around ten daily logs on most boring days. When giant disasters struck like Hurricane Harvey, daylogs would fill up fast.

Well, hopefully E2 gets back to its former glory where New Writeups drifted further down with every page update and the virtual catbox flowed like stuff you'd find in a real catbox.

In the meantime, it's the end of the month and Hurricane Harvey finally drifted away from the Houston, Texas region towards Louisiana and beyond. The astounding volume of rain (53 inches / 134.62 centimeters / "Holy Shit, Where'd I park that ark?") made the whole area a body of water larger than some of the Great Lakes. Some entire cities are flooded, including Beaumont. The sheer volume of devastation boggles the mind like trying to imagine the space between stars. News reporters are standing at the edge of flood waters while hundreds of volunteers in flat-bottomed boats and jet skis drive down the streets for miles to rescue people and animals. Tens of thousands of Houston-area residents have lost everything they owned except for the clothes they wore when they were rescued.

If you can, please donate to a legitimate cause that can help. Watch out for the usual scams that crawl out of the woodwork whenever death and misery are found. I know several folks and noders in Texas, and thank goodness they're safe.

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