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The man who helped the man behind cinema


Auguste Marie Lumière(pronounced ögust murie lümyer) was born at Besaçon, France. Antoine Lumière's son and the older of the Lumière Brothers(Lumiere Brothers), he was a chemist/biologist and an industrial.

Altough many of the Lumière Brothers' inventions are credited solely to his brother, Louis Lumière, he surely helped out him. That's why he was called the man who helped the man, the first being Auguste, the other being Louis, the most famous.

His inventions are the same credited to Louis on node Louis Lumière(for more information look it out):

  • The Cinematograph;
  • The autochrome;
  • Also, we may add the fotorama here, an apparatus which allowed people to take photos in a wide angle of 360º placing the picture on just one photographic plate.
  • Interestingly, just like his brother Louis Jean, he believed cinema had no commercial future...

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