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The Australian Air League is a national uniformed youth organisation for boys and girls aged 8 years and older. Its aim is to foster and develop a spirit of aviation in the youth of Australia, to promote good citizenship, teamwork and to develop the ingenuity and resourcefulness of it's members. The organisation is entirely self-funding and is staffed by volunteers who give their time generously to achieve its goals.

The Australian Air League is the oldest aviation-based youth organisation in Australia, having been formed in 1934, just 6 years after Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm flew across the Pacific Ocean in their aeroplane, the Southern Cross. It is recognised throughout the aviation industry and Australian Armed Services as the Primary School of Aviation.

The League's motto "A Vinculo Terrae" translates into "Free from the bonds of the Earth". This motto contains the very essence of flight into space.

Cadets of the Australian Air League take part in a wide variety of activities, such as camping, physical activities, modelling, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and learning about aviation. Flying and Gliding is encouraged in the Air League, and members can take joy flights, or learn to fly from the age of 16. Leadership training and discipline is an important aspect of our training and successful members can qualify for Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) or Officer rank depending on their age and ability.

Members of the Australian Air League attend Squadron parade nights once a week for approximately two hours, where they take part in a variety of interesting activities. These include ceremonial drill, physical training, model aircraft building, and aviation theory classes, such as Navigation and Aircraft Engines. Instruction in administration, first aid, life saving, state emergency services and so on also form part of the curriculum.

In addition to weekly Squadron parade nights there are several Parades and Reviews conducted in each State during the course of the year and Nationally every two years. Competition between Squadrons is very keen and to encourage this competitive spirit, competition days are held. These include drill competitions as well as athletic and swimming carnivals at a state level and inter-Squadron sport days at regional level.

There are also social functions held by Squadrons including picnics, hikes and fundraising activities. In addition members are encouraged to take part in public activities such as helping in community projects, assisting in Anzac Day and other local community parades and festivals.

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