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Formula 3 is an international class of open wheel racing mainly contested in Europe, South America and Japan. It is considered to be a signifigant feeder category to Formula 1, in fact 10 of the current F1 drivers have raced in F3 previously. The Australian series consists of 16 races run over 8 events. The event locations are listed below.

The Class:

Formula 3 competition in Australia is divided into two Sub-categories. They share the same Carbon fibre chassis but use different engines. The two divisions are:

L1: International Formula 3 and
L2: Australian Formula 3

The Cars:

As mentioned all F3 cars use a Carbon fibre chassis with a variety of engines. In the L1 category common engines include Opel, Toyota, Honda Mugen, Mitsubishi, Renault, Alfa romeo and Fiat 2.0L models while the L2 class uses the 1.6L variants (although some 2.0L motors are available - see below). Unlike some other categories, these engines are purpose built for racing and are built to strict specifications/limitations as set by the competition's ruling body CAMS. All engines are required to be of twin cam configuration with inlet ports limited to 26mm wide (L1) and 24mm wide (L2, 2l models).

The Tracks:

  • Phillip Island, Victoria
  • Sandown, New South Wales
  • Mallala, South Australia
  • Oran Park, New South Wales
  • Eastern Creek, New South Wales
  • Wakefield, New South Wales
  • Winton, Victoria
  • Calder, Victoria
There is also an 'unofficial' event at the Hondy Indy 300 on the Gold coast.

Source: http://www.formula3.com.au (official website)

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