A manufacturer of automobiles in Milan Italy with a long illustrious racing history. Alfa Romeos (as they would later become known) were first produced in 1910 by a new Italian automobile maker, Societa Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, or A.L.F.A. In 1915, the company was acquired by the Italian engineer and industrialist, Nicola Romeo -- and in 1920, the Alfa badge was changed to read, "Alfa Romeo." In many a pictures of Enzo Ferrari there beside him you will find Nicola Romeo.
Famous for the fact that the most money ever spent on an automobile was for an Alfa Romeo. Immortalized in the sixties flick The Graduate in which an Alfa Spider "Graduate" was driven at high velocities by Dustin Hoffman.
Now owned by the Fiat corporation along with other such marquees as Ferrari and Maserati. Alfa's stint in the US of A ended with the 164 in mid 1995. However, Alfa Romeo is rumored to be preparing for yet another 50-states campaign somewhere around 2003 2007.

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