Ferrari (through a number of racing, design, and performance triumphs) has earned itself one of the most famous names in automotive history.

In the 1920s and '30s, Alfa Romeo was perhaps the most famous name in automobile racing. The manager of Alfa Romeo's highly successful racing activities was Enzo Ferrari.

By 1940, Ferrari's affiliation with Alfa Romeo had ended, and the first Ferrari was racing competitively in Italy under the name Auto Avio Costruzione (due to Enzo Ferrari's agreement with Alfa Romeo not to use his own name for a specified number of years following their parting).

This Auto Avio Costruzione automobile, known as the Tipo 815, featured a 1 1/2 liter straight-8 engine comprised of two Fiat Tipo 508 heads on a specially-cast light alloy block. The frames and suspension were also largely Fiat. The aerodynamic bodies were designed by Touring. Only two Tipo 815's were built.

The first Ferrari by name, called the Tipo 125, appeared near the end of 1946. It featured a 118 bhp, 1 1/2 liter V-12 engine (which was later used in Ferrari Grand Prix racing cars) a 5-speed gearbox, tubular frames, and independent front suspension.

Ferrari models, automotive racing triumphs, and design innovations soon proliferated, and Ferrari was well on its way to continuing automotive fame.

Ferrari never has and never will imitate anyone.

Furthermore, there is no comparison between German rigidity (read, brute force effect) and an Italian fine driving machine.

Ferrari is one of the most respected and well-known car manufacturers in the world because of the high build quality of its cars. The Italian sports car company was founded in 1947, however the car that they created to suit the style of the 21st century is without a doubt the F430 which was developed in 2004/05.

It is universally recognized as one of the best sports cars ever produced as the design and performance are both of the highest standard in regards to automobiles. Successor to the ever so popular Ferrari 360, it had humongous shoes to fill - and it sure did.

The design of the car is very well crafted, making it technically aerodynamic when on the track and a stunning car to look at when on the street. Numerous parts of the car are taken from Ferrari history, including the powerful 'Enzo' taillights and 'Testarossa' wing mirrors. It is a work of art.

Ferrari is always associated with super fast cars, ones that may cause the passenger to suffer a heart attack during acceleration. The F430 does not disappoint with it's 4.3L V8 Engine that makes you jump out of your seat upon ignition of it's 483 horses. The car has tested all around the world and it has been recorded 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds, which is unbelievably quick. Other versions of the car have also been produced with further engine modifications including the F430 Spider and 430 Scuderia.

It is a fantastic car, one of my favorites.

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