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A black & white comic book published in 2000 by Image comics, written and drawn by Che' Gilson and inked by Jimmie Robinson. Avigon is set in a steampunk world, and the title character of Avigon is, in fact, a gear-driven "Clockwork," (self-)wound with a turn-key, though she is also possessing of "an advanced CPU, capable of fuzzy logic".

Avigon was built by Master Crafter, Pulsifer, the goggle-wearing, redheaded craftswoman, who holds the highest title of her art. Built to be a bodyguard, Avigon's lithe frame belies just how deadly she can be. However, being free of will (save for the direct orders of Pulsifer, who she must obey) and tired of killing, Avigon runs away from home to try and pass as a human. World of Darkness-levels of angst ensue.

The central theme to this story is, like in Pinocchio, what does it mean to be "human." Clockworks are objects, no matter how smart, how beautiful, how human-like. Or are they?

Just look at the category this node is listed as: Thing.

The artistic style is reminiscent of gothic comic books, such as Gloom Cookie, and Leiji Matsumoto's masterful manga/anime, Galaxy Express 999. Avigon herself somewhat resembles a raven-haired, non-dewey-eyed Maeter. Avigon's steampunk style also draws parallels to GE999, where standard sci-fi is given the romance of the "obsolete excellence" of yesteryear.

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