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The Power of Nightmares
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/me misses Ouroboros

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

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Buildmaster Ben presents...
Entertainment Technology Is What We Are

Left Side
Buildmaster Ben - Intro
First Movement: Rising Expectations
Bad Religion - "Twenty-first Century Digital Boy"
Dandy Warhols - "I Am a Scientist"
The Brilliant Green - "I'm a Player in TV Games"
Dub Pistols - "Keep Keep Movin'"
Piebald - "The Robot Vs. The Monkey"
Second Movement: The Trough of Disillusion
Cursive - "Art Is Hard"
Cornelius - "I Hate Hate"
Ani DiFranco - "Joyful Girl"
Third Movement: And We Turn It Into A Peforming Art!
James Cagney & Ruby Keeler - "Shanghai Lil"
Kid Koala - "Jessica Rabbit"
DJ Food - "The Riff"
Gil Scott-Heron - "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

Right Side
Fourth Movement: Idealism
Thomas Schumacher - "The Fortunate Ones"
The Herbalizer feat. Latryx - "8 pt. Agenda"
Quannum MCs - "Blue Flames"
Interlude: The Party
Timo Maas - "To Get Down"
Fifth Movement: Seduction
Recoil - "Want"
Har Mar Superstar - "Power Lunch"
Hefner - "Love Will Destroy Us in the End"
Park Ave. - "She Teaches Art"
Clifford Gilberto - "I Was Young and I Needed the Money!"
Postlude: And The Moral Of The Story Is...
Blackalicious - "Deception"
Hidden Track

Things to do before I die (in no particular order):

  • Make a webcomic that doesn't totally suck.
  • Learn to Scratch DJ.
  • Be a voice actor for an anime.
  • Make videogames for a living.
Things to do after I die (in no particular order):
  • Learn to play the cello. Rock cello.
  • Learn to dance. Tap, jazz, or hip-hop.
  • Try a life as somebody beautiful and shallow.
  • Try a life as somebody with unwavering faith.
Member of: E2 Prose Writers Group, The Posse, NoCal noders.

/me misses Douglas Adams says I'm:
Economic Left(-10)/Right(10): -4.13
Authoritarian(10)/Libertarian(-10): -5.18 says I'm:
Sanguine. Although my scores were fairly balanced, unlike some people.

only one koan matters


Editor Cooled:

Meatspace friends on E2:

"... it is here a writer's hopelessness begins. Every language is an alphabet of symbols the employment of which assumes a past shared by its interlocutors. How can one trasmit to others the infinite Aleph, which my timorous memory can scarcely contain?"
-Jorge Luis Borges, The Aleph

[ ] Saige says re Your dashingly colored toupee twists my right boot into a state of ennui with the speed and dexterity of many lemon meringue-coated conquistadors.: oh my god, I swear this was frickin genius!! I'm trying to keep from laughing out loud here at work

[ ] Saige says I was going over my nodeshell list, removing the filled/deleted ones, and I honestly expected that one to have been killed - instead, here's this wonderful writeup! you made my day!

[ ] Xamot says ARGH! I can't read double <small> bookmarks! (or is that an effect you are going for?)

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