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DJ Food is not one person. DJ Food is not a static entity. The people who make DJ Food records say that the records are the reverse of the name; that is, food for djs.

Coldcut is responsible for the beginning of DJ Food. They (Matt Black and Jonathan More) made the "Jazz Brakes" series in the early 90's. They also worked with Patrick Carpenter (as PC, he was misunderstood to be the computer Coldcut used in the construction of the breaks), Paul Brook, Paul Rabiger, Strickly Kev and Issac Elliston.

Coldcut would tour with DJ Food opening; since they didn't want to spin twice a night, they got PC and Strickly Kev to spin as DJ Food. So, through interviews of all the chunks of DJ Food, the name got attributed to every combination of the above people. Hence, confusion. Which is why DJ Food put an explanation below the CD tray on the latest record.

The latest record (Kaleidoscope) is Strickly Kev and PC (with a bunch of special guests). Now that Coldcut is contractually able to use their name again, they're concentrating on that project. For now.

Albums / Singles
Jazz Brakes V.1 - Ninja Tune, 1990
Jazz Brakes V.2 - Ninja Tune, 1991
Jazz Brakes V.3 - Ninja Tune, 1992
Jazz Brakes V.4 - Ninja Tune, 1993
Peace parts 1 & 2, Dark Blood, Well Swung (12") - NInja Tune, 1994
Jazz Brakes V.5 - Ninja Tune, 1994
Refried Food part 1 (12") - Ninja Tune, 1994
Refried Food part 2 (12") - Ninja Tune, 1995
Refried Food part 3 (12") - Ninja Tune, 1996 *
a dub plate of food (2x10") - Ninja Tune, 1995
Recipe For Disaster - Ninja Tune, 1995
Refried Food (Remixes) - Ninja Tune, 1996
a dub plate of food V.2 - Ninja Tune, 2000
Kaleidoscope - Ninja Tune, 2000

* - thanks to Lost and Found for the correction, who says, and I quote, "It's very cool stuff."

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