Mix album by Coldcut, 1995 (Music Unites)

Back in 1995, the mix compilation market was dominated by the Superclub Mix, perfected as a money-spinning juggernaut by the Ministry of Sound and emulated by every other club in the UK with enough money to pay a top DJ to sit in front of Pro Tools long enough to knock out 2 hours of the latest big club tunes. Whilst this was great for the clubs and let clubbers relive those 'large' moments at home, the resulting hodge-podge was rather bland and homogenous.

Enter Coldcut. Sensing an opportunity to shake things up, they released a mix under the Journeys by DJ series which crammed 35 tracks into 70 breathless minutes. Subtitled '70 Minutes of Madness' (a reference to their remix of the Eric B. and Rakim track Paid in Full) Matt Black and Jonathon More threw Hip-Hop, Breakbeat, Techno, Electro, Rap, Ambient, Drum'n'Bass and even the original theme to Doctor Who in the mix. What came out the other side was cut-and-paste mayhem, a flawless mix; flowing, inventive, never forced, never bettered. And if there a lot of Coldcut/DJ Food stuff in there, no-one could begrudge them their place in the sun.

Tracklist (deep breath):

  • Bola - Philorene (Organico)
  • Street Beats Vol 2 - The Truper (Streetbeats)
  • One Blood - Junior Reid
  • Jam On Revenge (The Wikki Wikki Song) - Newcleus (EMI)
  • Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ Remix) - 2 Player (Ninja Tune)
  • King Ashabanapal (Dilinja Mix) - Funki Porcini (Ninja Tune)
  • Noddy Holder - Jedi Knights (Evolution Productions)
  • Fuk - Plastic Man (Mute Records)
  • Mo Beats - Coldcut (Ninja Tune)
  • Manganese in Deep Violet - Bedouin Ascent (Rising High Productions)
  • African Drug - Bob Holroyd (Soundscape Music)
  • If There Was No Gravity - Air Liquide (Rising High Productions)
  • Beats and Pieces - Coldcut (Ninja Tune)
  • Greedy Beat - Coldcut (Ninja Tune)
  • Music Maker - Coldcut (Ninja Tune)
  • Find A Way - Coldcut (Arista)
  • King Of The Beats - Mantronix (EMI)
  • Mag - Gescom (Skam Records)
  • Blood Vibes (Kenny Dope Mix) - Masters At Work (Cutting Records)
  • Trumpet Riff - Raphael Corderdos (Ninja Tune)
  • Grace - Luke Slater's 7th Plain (General Production Recordings)
  • First Time I Ever Saw Your Face - Joanna Law (Law Music Production Company)
  • Balthus Bemused - Harold Budd (All Saints Records)
  • Into The 90's - Photek (Metalheads)
  • Bridge Is Over - BDP (Jive Records)
  • Nu Blud - DJ Food (Ninja Tune)
  • Friendly Pressure (Acapella) - Jhelisa (Dorado Records)
  • Freshmess (Bandulu mix) - Hookian Minds (Death Becomes Me)
  • Message From Our Sponsor - Jello Biafra (Alternative Tentacles)
  • Unify - Pressure Drop (Marlboro Music/IDE)
  • Again Son - Love Lee (Peace Feast Records)
  • Hot Flush (Warp Records)
  • Theme from Doctor Who - Ron Grainer (BBC)
  • Free - Moody Boys (XL Recordings)
  • The Dusk - DJ Food (Ninja Tune)


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