Sanrio character. A penguin with scruffy hair and a bad attitude.

His friends are Hana Maru, Pandaba, and Pochi, and a snail.

His last two sanrio incarnations (Tibetan dreamscape, and "Accept no Substitutes") have been particularly trippy.

update: 3/0

there is now badtz maru and his new crew, just trickling in from japan. They had a notebook at the 2-story sanrio store in union square. Inside the notebook was a rundown sheet, with what looked like 6 axis personality profiles of each of the characters. His new friends are a shark, a dolphin, a seagull, and twin mini-badtzes.

Badtz-Maru does not have scruffy hair, but rather has feathers (he is a penguin after all). Badtz is usually having a bad feather day.

Badtz was born in Oahu, Hawaii. His favourite hobby is to collect pictures of movie stars who play bad guys, and also going into outer space with his friends as the Planet Patrol. When Badtz grows up he wants to be Boss of Everything.

Badtz's friends are:

  • Pochi who is an alligator. His job in Team Badtz is to be watchful of danger. Since there is no watchdog, Pochi is a watch-alligator. He is also the team's navi-gator when they go into outer space as the Planet Patrol. His birthday is August 2.

  • Hana Maru who is a seal pup. Hana's goodness is the important balance to Badtz's badness. Hana is always sweet and loves flowers, and she knows Badtz better than any other creature. Her birthday is August 7.

  • Pandaba is a panda who for some as-yet unexplained reason is forced to go through this life wearing a tutu. Pandaba is not very pleased about this, and is usually grumbly. Pandaba's birthday is August 8.

  • Bubb is an alien, and very little is known about him because whenever he tries to make friends with Badtz, he gets blasted with Badtz Maru's "la-ser" gun. So Bubb has to leave fast in his spaceship!

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