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Bajorans are a race from Star Trek, first introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

For fifty years their home planet, Bajor, was occupied by the Cardassians, leaving in early 2369 or shortly before. The Cardassians left Bajor in turmoil, with many different factions vying for control, though all followed the Kai, their religious leader. They held no territory aside from their their home planet, Bajor.

When the Bajoran Wormhole was discovered by Commander Sisko in May of 2369, he became the emissary to the prophets. The formerly Cardassian station Deep Space 9, now owned by the Bajorans and run by the Federation was promptly moved to the entrance of the wormhole, claiming it as Bajoran territory, given a great economic potential to the Bajoran people.

In 2369, Kai Opaka was killed on a planet in the Gamma Quadrant and Kai Winn replaced her as Kai.

During the Dominion War, the Bajorans remained neutral, but Deep Space 9 became the Federation's main outpost, and was held for a time by the Dominion.

Shortly after the end of the war, Captain Sisko joined the prophets in the wormhole, and Kai Winn died after aligning herself with the Pah-Wraith.

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