In 1975 the Mego Toy Co. introduced a new "family game that's loads of fun" that they called Ballbuster. The game consisted of thin wire poles that were attached to a blue grid base. Each of these poles was topped with a hinged plastic ball. There were a variety of colors available (such as red, yellow, and blue), with each player choosing a color of their own. The poles would be pulled back, catapult-style, and released. The pole would then spring forward and, hopefully, slam your ball into another player's ball. The first player to break all of their opponent's balls wins.

For some reason Mego thought it could get away with the product's name. When the time came to screen the game's TV commercial to buyers from toy and game stores, the audience was stunned silent. The promo showed a family happily playing the game, after which the husband turned to the wife and said, with a wink to the camera, "Honey, you're a real ball buster!"

Ballbuster was released for sale, but it never went on to become a classic game for obvious reasons. It was eventually phased out and discontinued.

Excalibre points out that the commercial may be an urban legend.
fondue says the commercial for Ballbuster isn't an urban legend. It's been shown (for comedy value) on UK TV a number of times.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader #12

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