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Ghosts can laugh, but they're already dead
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I'm back!

Check out my game commentary weblog at

I work as a Computer Analyst at my alma mater. I work in the realms of 3D rendering, web design, digital video, graphic design, network administration, troubleshooting, software installation, and whatever else The Boss needs done before his next big meeting. I also have my own video game discussion weblog at where I share my thoughts and commentary on news from the video game industry. Beyond that I am a Editor with the Advanced Media Network at, a site dedicated to news and reviews of video games. You'll see these influences in my Everything2 work; most of the writeups I've crafted are game-related in some fashion, while others encompass computer work, television, movies, or other such things that catch my interest. I also have a smattering of original fiction here, some of which I'm told is quite good and even publishable.

In my off hours you might find me watching TV. I can't miss Futurama, Stargate SG-1, The Simpsons, or Mystery Science Theater 3000. Yes, I'm aware some of those are in perpetual reruns. Doesn't mean I still can't enjoy 'em. You might also find me at my piano. No classical music for me, I prefer to work on Billy Joel, Elton John, Huey Lewis, and Chicago pieces. I'm also an avid video gamer and I grew up with Nintendo consoles. I still have all my old Nintendo gear, right down to a still-working Nintendo Entertainment System.

Servo5678's Trading Post

I'm looking to clear some space in my movie library, so if you'd be interested in trading a new or used-in-great-condition Region 1 DVD or American Nintendo game for one of the below, make an offer. Also feel free to offer money paid via PayPal or good old cash in the form of American dollars and cents. Have questions? Please ask!

WWWWolf says "Can you please slow down posting all this great stuff? Otherwise, the hundreds of E2's critics must find other sites to criticize! They'll lose their job! I'll expect to see "Will criticize community websites for food" soon? =) =)"

Bitriot says "Man, how do you node so well, and so *fast*? :-)"

mirv says "Jaysis, 5 levels in as many months. You node like a man possessed. How do you do it?"

mr100percent says "wow, level 5 in five months? AND good content? That's superhuman!"

sailorDR says "Your video game nodes always bring joy to my heart."

Nero says "Great Scott, you're flying through the levels, with good stuff"

SharQ says "You have been here half as long as I, and have more nodes. This is worrying. But a good thing. Congratulations."

Scribe says "You are the nodinest noder around I think. =)"

sid says "Not only are you prolific and good, you're damn fast. Frankly, you scare me."

panamaus says re Philip J. Fry: "This is the most amazingly well-done short biography of a fictional character that I think I've ever seen."

sam512 says "Servo5678 is officially classified as "autonoder". Man, this guy nodes quickly."

Damodred says "Good lord, Rabbit Rampage? I bow to your superiority in seeking out ALL games. And I mean ALL. Wow."

weasello says re Just a collection of ones and zeroes: "I am speechless. This is perhaps one of the best fictions I have ever read. At least, I hope it's fiction. Holy shit man, I wish I had a blessing or something to give. This is fucking amazing. As if the writeup wasn't good enough to be in poster form on my wall, the pipelinks are masterful."

allseeingeye says "You laugh like Wario no doubt."

Chiisuta says "Whoa! You're kicking the ass of them broken noadz!"

sid says "I like the shows/characters you do and you do them well. When you do one of those writeups I can be secure in knowing I'm not going to get a "And one time Homer said..." followed by a short, poorly told anecdote or a quote or two. I usually upvote your video game stuff, too. You do right by your subject (to use some ancient cliche)."

Andrew Aguecheek says re Bullet Bill: "*grins* I must get my NES up and running again. You're making me miss these games."

doyle says re robot master: "Your knowledge of video games borders on frightening!"

allseeingeye says re Jub Jub: "This is proof positive that you can node ANYTHING."

tWD says re What to do if the election is cancelled or postponed: "Oh, sir, you get a vote JUST for the sneaky Wild Wild West reference. Oh, and your homenode pic is fucking seriously cracked. If it's okay with you, I think I'm going to sit here and like you for a little bit."

archiewood says re Nintendo 64: "Brilliant. I can't believe this has remained unchinged for almost two years."

mfishrules says re Bowser: "A truly masterful node."

CrAzE says "Wow, you write up a lot of video games. I bet I waste more votes on you than anyone else."

jessicapierce says "Dude your homenode image is frigging awesome."

tWD says re Ghostbusters 3: "Well, there it is again - far more than I ever wanted to know about something that it had never occurred to me to want to know anything about, cunningly rendered fascinating and indispensible. I have come to call this the Servo Effect."

Habakkuk says "Wow, Servo... your real life is like the fantasies I have sitting in traffic."

Lifix says "I was checking out your home node, and damn... I know I won't be able to level as fast as you, I just hope I can contribute nodes that match your quality."

belgand says "Just wanted to toss you a line of congratulations on Press The Buttons. You've been doing a great job here and there, but you're finally getting a hell of a lot more recognition for it and you honestly deserve all of it."

jclast says re DK: King of Swing "Darn it Servo! Now I have to go buy another innovative DK game!"

mfishrules says re Nintendo Comics System: "This is one of those writeups when you stop and say " I glad somebody wrote about THAT!" Great w/u."

OberonDarksoul says "I've been reading through your list of writeups - simply stunning. I bow to your knowledge of just about EVERYTHING gaming-related."

Grand Achievements

Want to know which writeups I'm working on next? My bookmarks are a list of nodes I plan to fill and quests in which I plan to participate.