If you come across a writeup with misspellings, formatting problems or corrupt links please post a writeup here with the node title hard-linked. If there is more than one writeup in the node make sure to point out which writeup you refer to. Please don't bother reporting HTML problems with Webster 1913 definitions.

Please! Link directly to the writeup, like this:

[Node Title[by {author}]]

It is also really nice to see the required corrections quoted, rather than "The last word in the second paragraph's second sentence". Honestly, this saves us a lot of time and frustration.

It would be helpful if you would first send a private message to the author of the incorrect/broken writeup asking him/her to fix the problem. If the author hasn't been logged in for some time then don't bother - just add a writeup here.

Webster 1913's /msgs are checked from time to time, so you can message him(?) directly about problems with definition writeups.

"Take these broken nodes
And learn to fly again
And learn to live so free..."

Staff members, please use this writeup to submit your broken-ness for disposal by qualified node technicians. Please sign and date your entries either openly or in an HTML comment.

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