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Baltic Way is an international mathematical team contest, mainly with the participation of the countries around the Baltic sea. It is named after a mass demonstration for independence in the Baltic states in 1989. Only the Baltic states participated in the first Baltic Way in 1990. Since then the competition has expanded and in 1999 the participating countries were Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

Each country is represented by a team of five secondary school students. The paper consists of 20 questions (5 from each of the fields of algebra, number theory, combinatorics and geometry) and the time allowed is 4,5 hours. The students compete as a team and so may cooperate in any way they want within the team, and present a single solution to each problem. The use of calculators is not allowed.
Each problem is awarded with up to 5 marks. The scores are added up for each team to determine which team has won.

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