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Bando was developed in Burma, now known as Myanmar, and introduced to America in 1959.

The principle targets are the legs, the torso and the head. Bando is an amalgam of martial arts, combining thaing (self defense), unarmed combatitive sport (bando) and armed combatitive training banshay. Also Bando has close links with bama lethway, or burmese boxing.

The style includes the opportunity to learn "animal forms":

Animal forms:

Bando is a very blunt, fast and brutal martial art, and although it is rare to meet a practitioner (due to the current problems in Myanmar), they are a very well prepared artists, attacking a Bando warrior will leave you on the end of this kind of philosophy:

"No enemy should survive a close-in encounter with a trained practitioner"

main source: Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts, by Draeger and Smith

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