An eagle is when you finish a hole of golf in two under par. For instance, if the score card says a good golfer should make a five on a hole and you make a three, it is an eagle. An eagle on a par three would obviously be a hole in one, but it would be referred to as an eagle for scoring purposes. Unfortunately, an eagle usually only pays the same as a birdie on the bet (double), but it is a treat for most average golfers, who might only have one a year.

A criminal who operates only on his own; a lone wolf; the act or practice of stealing on one's own, without accomplices. "Playing the eagle is smart stuff. No partners to burn (cheat) or bury (inform against) you."

- american underworld dictionary - 1950
Eagle, The Making of a an Asian-American President, is a manga written and drawn by Kaiji Kawaguchi. Eagle is published by Viz. To quote the back of the graphic novels, "A view on American politics you won't get anywhere else. Provocative parallels to the real Campaign 2000. Eagle is a story that combines an insider's detail with an outsider's perspective on the epic contest for President." A literary criticism on the ideas of Japan becoming a Democracy. It follows journalist Takashi Jo, as he is mysteriously chosen to go to America in order to document the trials of Senator Kenneth Yamoaka, after the death of his mother. Why was he chosen?

Current Graphic Novels:

Volume 01 - The Candidate
Volume 02 - Scandal
Volume 03 - The Vice-President
Volume 04 - New Hampshire
Volume 05 - On the Battlefield
Volume 06 - The King of New York
Volume 07 - Pandora's Box
Volume 08 - The Debate
Volume 10 - Gone to Texas
Volume 11 - Super Tuesday
Volume 12 - Suspicion
Volume 13 - Confession
Volume 14 - The First Lady
Volume 15 - The Nomination
Volume 16 - The General
Volume 17 - Coming Home
Volume 18 - Frame-Up
Volume 19 - Fires on the Plain
Volume 20 - Someone You Can Trust
Volume 21 - End of the Trail
Volume 22 - Father and Son


An eagle (from the Latin word, aquila), is a family of birds of prey in the order of Falconiformes.

They live in mountain areas and spend most of their time above the tree line. In Europe, they have become very rare; you'll need to go high up into the mountains to spot any golden eagles.

Eagles are large birds of the type Americans call hawks: broad-winged, with a broad, rounded tail. They hover rather than fly, often in circles, using thermiek whenever possible. The name of 'eagle' is reserved to the larger species, but the smaller buzzards (Buteo), one of the commonest birds of prey in Europe, are very similar. In America, a much bigger continent after all, there is a much larger variety of species.

Also, a song released as a single off ABBA - The Album in 1977. Enjoyed moderate chart success compared to ABBA's other efforts, which went solidly to #1 all over Europe.

The music is very melodramatic, depicting the flight of an eagle with swirling, falling lines from the two singers and the synthesizer.

It brings me to tears just to think of this song. YMMV.

Serving Chicago, St. Louis, Little Rock, Texarkana, Dallas, San Antonio, and intermediate points

Amtrak train numbers: 21 and 22; then 821 and 822; then 321 and 322

Predecessor railroad train numbers: None

In the early 1980s, due to Amtrak budget cuts, service on the daily Chicago-Laredo/Houston Inter-American was cut back until it became a three-day-a-week Chicago-San Antonio train, now named the Eagle, although still running daily to provide a corridor service between Chicago and St. Louis. However, a little bit of service was added in the form of a through sleeping car for service to Los Angeles that was added to or subtracted from the Sunset Limited in San Antonio, albeit with the car sitting by itself for many overnight hours outside the San Antonio train station (connected to electricity, fortunately for the passengers inside).

In 1988, a Houston section was reinstated, now being separated from the rest of the train in Dallas and running through College Station. With this change in service, the train was reinaugurated as the Texas Eagle.

However, the Eagle name survived as the name of the Chicago-St. Louis service running on the Texas Eagle's off days.

Condensed historical timetables:

          READ DOWN                                          READ UP
(1983)  (1987)  (1989)  (1997)                   (1997)  (1989)  (1987)  (1983)
 5:20P   5:15P   3:15P   6:30P  Dp Chicago     Ar 1:35P   1:10P   1:35P  12:55P
11:05P  11:30P   9:10P  12:25A    St. Louis       6:59A   7:15A   8:05A   7:35A
 5:50A   6:29A   -----   -----    Little Rock     -----   -----  11:59P  11:55P 
 8:19A   9:02A   -----   -----    Texarkana       -----   -----   9:12P   8:58P
 1:05P   1:42P   -----   -----    Dallas          -----   -----   4:43P   4:45P
 9:25P  10:50P   -----   ----- Ar San Antonio Dp  -----   -----   6:05A   8:45A

The Amtrak Train Names Project

A canonical name for a leather bar.

In most large cities in much of the industrialized world the Eagle is the name of a leather bar (usually catering to gay men). This can be handy for travelers who wish to find a butch space for cruising or for connecting with the local leather scene.

An attempt at explaining The Eagle View Graphics filter from my own dim memories:
First of all, I think I got all this info from the official home page around 1999 which seems to have been abandoned and closed nowdays (2007.) Eagle is an algorithm to scale images, primarily pixel art from old games to modern screen sizes. The problem with the oldest algorithm is that it gets very jagged and blocky. Eagle view tries to solve this while at the same time not be to processor intensive.

Now days CPU power isn't an issue so other more advanced algorithms like 2xSaI and Super 2xSaI (a combination of the Eagle and 2xSaI algorithm) are more commonly used. On a sidenote, 2xSaI is said to have been inspired by the Eagle algorithm.

One pretty unknown fact about Eagle is that it always scales the image two times the original size in all directions, want it bigger? apply it twice (or use some other scaling algorithm afterwords, like 2xSaI). This is not how it is implemented, its not even a very good way to implement it, but this is how I think about it.

For every in pixel we will generate 4 out pixels, first, set all 4 to the colour of the in pixel we are currently scaling (like the god'ol nearest neighbor), next lets look at the pixels up and to the left, if they are the same colour as each other set the top right most pixel to that colour, continue doing the same for all four pixels, and then move to the next one. While that might seem a bit obscure it is really not that hard, let me show you a diagram:

Assume an in-matrix of 3x3 pixels where the center most pixel is the "current" pixel to be scaled, and an out matrix of 2x2 pixels (that is "this pixel after scaling")
first:        |Then 
. . . --\ CC  |S T U  --\ 1 2
. C . --/ CC  |V C W  --/ 3 4
. . .         |X Y Z
              | IF V==S==T => 1=S
              | IF T==U==W => 2=U
              | IF V==X==Y => 3=X
              | IF W==Z==Y => 4=Z
Thus if we have a black pixel on a white background it will vanish. This is a bug in the Eagle algorithm, but is solved by its successors such as 2xSaI and HQ3x.

Ea"gle (?), n. [OE. egle, F. aigle, fr. L. aquila; prob. named from its color, fr. aquilus dark-colored, brown; cf. Lith. aklas blind. Cf. Aquiline.]

1. Zool.

Any large, rapacious bird of the Falcon family, esp. of the genera Aquila and Haliaeetus. The eagle is remarkable for strength, size, graceful figure, keenness of vision, and extraordinary flight. The most noted species are the golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetus); the imperial eagle of Europe (A. mogilnik ∨ imperialis); the American bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus); the European sea eagle (H. albicilla); and the great harpy eagle (Thrasaetus harpyia). The figure of the eagle, as the king of birds, is commonly used as an heraldic emblem, and also for standards and emblematic devices. See Bald eagle, Harpy, and Golden eagle.


A gold coin of the United States, of the value of ten dollars.

3. Astron.

A northern constellation, containing Altair, a star of the first magnitude. See Aquila.


The figure of an eagle borne as an emblem on the standard of the ancient Romans, or so used upon the seal or standard of any people.

Though the Roman eagle shadow thee. Tennyson.

⇒ Some modern nations, as the United States, and France under the Bonapartes, have adopted the eagle as their national emblem. Russia, Austria, and Prussia have for an emblem a double-headed eagle.

Bald eagle. See Bald eagle. -- Bold eagle. See under Bold. -- Double eagle, a gold coin of the United States worth twenty dollars. -- Eagle hawk Zool., a large, crested, South American hawk of the genus Morphnus. -- Eagle owl Zool., any large owl of the genus Bubo, and allied genera; as the American great horned owl (Bubo Virginianus), and the allied European species (B. maximus). See Horned owl. -- Eagle ray Zool., any large species of ray of the genus Myliobatis (esp. M. aquila). -- Eagle vulture Zool., a large West African bid (Gypohierax Angolensis), intermediate, in several respects, between the eagles and vultures.


© Webster 1913.

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