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A bar where (usually butch) gay men congregate, cruise, drink, and sometimes play. The dress code is usually leather / Levis. Most leather bars are the "home" club of one or more patch clubs (motorcycle or S&M group). Some leather bars are reasonably comfortable for (some) leatherwomen, and while rare, leather bars catering to females do exist.

Most large cities in the US, Canada and Europe have at least one bar known as the Eagle and usually it is oriented to leather folk (Boston would be an exception, where the Eagle is a gay bar, but without leather atmosphere or clientele).

What not to do in (most) leather bars

  • Wear Dockers, sneakers, polyester
  • Hang out in the cruising space if you're not cruising
  • Dress in femme drag or wear cologne / perfume
Whether or not S&M is permitted or encouraged in a particular bar will depend on the local laws (consensual S&M practices are often illegal), and the bar's management. Even if it is ok to play in such a relatively public space, you probably cannot expect all of the patrons to stay out of the path of your whips; adjust accordingly.

Distingushing thnose in a leather bar who have interest in leathersex from people who are simply into the look is probably easier than it used to be, however it can still take some time

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