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A barbershop quartet is normally a group of four men who sing simple harmonies a capella. Each person sings a different part. The highest is the Tenor part. He sings so high you could easily mistake him as a girly girl. Next down, is the Lead part. He sings the main melody of the song. Then Baritone and Bass at the bottom. Perhaps the most famous of barbershop quartets would be the School Board Members in the play The Music Man.

Many barbershop quartets are members of SPEBSQSA or Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of BarberShop Quartet Singing in America, the largest male singing organization in the world.

The female counter-organization is known as the Sweet Adelines. Where in male barbershop singing, the Lead and Tenor sing an octave lower than their part is writen, Sweet Adeline basses and baritones sing an octave higher than what is writen.

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