Updated: October 21, 2001

Recent news:
For two years in a row, APC Rhythm has placed second in the International Competition for Collegiate A cappella quarterfinals and advanced to the semifinals. This year, the semifinals of the Mid-Atlantic division were held at Cornell University, in Ithaca, NY. APC did not place, but enjoyed performing with five amazing groups, including the finalists, the SUNY Binghamton Crosbys.

Seventeen misfits, describable as a hodgepodge of malcontents, gather three times weekly, totalling more than seven hours on a light week, to create some of the most beautiful music NYC has been blessed with. However, this college acappella group is more than just the music-- it is about the people. This group manages to boast the diversity that NYU is infamous for, in many more ways than one. Composed of 10 males and 7 females, there are members from most of the undergraduate colleges: the College of Arts and Science, the School of Education, the Tisch School of the Arts, and even the Stern School of Business. There are 5 Asians, 1 Indian, 1.5 blacks, 1 Jew, 3 gay men (one of whom is Gaysian), and 1 tall guy. Of course, this mix is constantly changing, as there is a semestarly influx and outflow of new and old members.

There is a certain rapport that this group manages to develop and maintain amidst itself. This becomes apparent when the group reaches the stage for a performance. The culmination of their hours of blood, sweat, spit and efforts is the show itself. From the audience's vantagepoint, there is one clear cut difference of APC Rhythm from other a cappella groups. This group would apparently be having fun on stage with each other. Too often you will see acappella groups looking out at the audience, never even so much as glancing at their own fellow singers unless they screw up. APC Rhythm manages to cultivate its intergroup interaction so that when they are on stage, they feed off of each other's energy. Eye contact is what NYU's first and foremost acappella group makes key, and the audience will realize that it is more enjoyable to watch the synergy of the single parts of the group creating a single unit of fun, energetic music, a thing of pure beauty.

Some songs in their repertoire:

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