Doric word meaning "lad" or "boy".

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Little-known facts about Loon, who nodes New York. He lives at Union Square in a small room with a tall roommate named Micky.

On any given evening, after 5 PM, he might be seen at a certain sushi restaurant on 17th street. During the day, he is most often found doing...well, nobody really knows for sure.

He wears glasses, has a flat top afro, and speaks Mandarin with a strange American accent. Known to participate in bizarre love triangles involving almost exclusively Indian students from the Stern School of Business.

Loon is an actuary. lives in Westchester County. He thinks I'm pompous-- and he's right.

He's the type of person that you really would not expect at first glance to wear pleather pants. Or sing Baby on Board. Or slap his own ass in front of hundreds of people. But he does, and is damn good at it.

Secret lover of Yossarian. Secret admirer of thefez. Is ASS.
North American Loons

Red-throated Loon 24 - 27" (61 - 69 cm) Has gray head and heck. Has black back and spotted with white. In winter, common to small loon but smaller and paler. High pitched wail and shriek.Used mainly near breeding grounds. Ocean but mainly ponds, lakes and bays near the ocean. Aquatic vegetation as nest with brownish olive nests

Pacific Loon 24"(61 cm) Head is gray, neck and back are black with white stripes. A harsh kok kok kok kok On lakes and ponds and in winter: in the oceana and on the coast. Same as red-throated but sometimes on bare ground

Common Loon 28 - 36"(71 - 91 cm)Heavy bodied and larger. Head and neck are black with white stripes on neck. Back is black with white spots. Loud wailing laugh. Forested lakes and rivers and ocean and coastal bays during winter. Olive-brown or greenish eggs padded with aquatic vegetation usually on an island.

Yellow-billed Loon 33-38" (84 - 97 cm) Similar to Common Loon but more white on face A series of hollow cuckoo-like notes. Marshes and ponds and salt water during the winter if the fresh water freezes. Brownish eggs on island water's edge.

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National Audubon Society

Loon (?), n. [Scot. loun, lown, loon; akin to OD. loen a stupid man; prob. for an older lown, and akin to E. lame.]

A sorry fellow; a worthless person; a rogue.


© Webster 1913.

Loon, n. [For older loom, Icel. lmr; akin to Dan. & Sw. lom.] Zool.

Any one of several aquatic, wed-footed, northern birds of the genus Urinator (formerly Colymbus), noted for their expertness in diving and swimming under water. The common loon, or great northern diver (Urinator imber, or Colymbus torquatus), and the red-throated loon or diver (U. septentrionalis), are the best known species. See Diver.


© Webster 1913.

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