Barry Allen was the Fastest Man Alive aka The Flash, the Sultan of Speed, The Scarlet Speedster and many other crazy titles, from 1956 to 1985 during the silver age of DC Comics publications. He was the second Flash from an historical perspective, and a card carrying member of the Justice League of America.

The first appearance of this character was the comic book Showcase #4 which was his origin. Barry had been reading a comic book about his soon to be predessor; Jay Garrick. Barry Allen was a criminal scientist working with chemicals too close to a window one rainy night. He got struck by lightning and the electricity coupled with the chemicals turned Barry by pure accident into a speedster. The first time he ever used his special power was by accident when he discovered he was late for a bus.

His last appearance alive was Crisis on Infinite Earths #8 in 1985. Barry Allen had through a series of complicated events found himself in forced retirement in the 30th century when his powers were required one last time to thwart the Anti-Monitor at the Crisis on Infinite Earths by outracing the tachyon at the heart of the Anti-Monitor's anti-matter cannon. Barry lost his life, and his namesake was passed on to his nephew Wally West.

Barry Allen ran so fast he merged with the Speed Force and became one with the Other Side of Light. He is gone but not forgotten.

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