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16:20: Bathail: oh hey, I was just looking at my stuff and someone downvoted _all_ of my writeups methodically. I must be getting to the intelligentsia with my "screw karma" attitude. Kewl.
16:25: TheLady: if you're "on here" to share your experiences with others, what are you doing polluting the nodegel with your posturing?
16:25: Bathail: so... has anyone else been deleted for having that attitude?... anyone here?
16:26: Bathail: ah
16:26: jasonm: bathail: wasn't me =) you're not even on my vote tag list
16:26: Bathail: thelady: could you explain "posturing"?
16:28: TheLady: Those of us who really are on here to write don't engage in 2-line badly formulated equivalents of giving the cops the finger through the bus window.
16:29: heyoka: bathail: read node for the ages and think about the long term value of nodes, maybe.
16:30: heyoka: ack. sorry. that should have been a /msg. BRING ME COFFEE.
16:31: Bathail: thelady: I wrote that to let those who downvote _all_ of my nodes at the same time know that I don't care.
16:32: jasonm: bat: your homenode says "If you don't like my nodes, delete 'em. " some people aren't high enough to delete them, so they settle for downvoting =)
16:33: heyoka: xp stoicism is a very good thing, but, that statement belongs on your home node, really, if anywhere...
16:34: Bathail: I'm saying is that downvoting is a waste of their time -- xp stoicism is a good way to put it.
16:34: yossarian: wait wait wait. it's not a matter of being "high enough to delete them" deleting isn't a level power, it's an editorial discretion. bathail, if you truely don't care, don't write about not caring. just node.
16:38: Bathail: heyoka: I'm just trying to be informative toward others. Last word on the subject: downvotes mean squat to me. So feel free to downvote my stuff, but be warned that I don't pay attention to the votes.
16:38: amnesiac: he hasn't done anything wrong - leave him alone -i swear some people are just *looking* for the slightest transgression to pounce
16:39: heyoka: so put it on your homenode, bathail. really.
16:40: witchiepoo: why go on and on about how little you care?
16:41: Bathail: witchiepoo: read my last message. nuff said; i won't say it again.
16:41: Chras4: Bathail, if you don't pay attention then why bring it up?
16:41: Bathail: chras4: see witchiepoo:

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Quote of the indeterminate period of time:
Addendum: The management further apologise for whatever it was they did that got this node downvoted.
From the fika node. Who says XP stoicism is for high-XP users? They hurt just as much as the rest of us. (insert picture of starving child in Asia here)