DICE and Electronic Arts -- the developers of the original Battlefield 1942 and its expansion pack Road to Rome -- are readying a new Battlefield 1942 expansion pack called "Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of World War II."

The new pack introduces weapons and vehicles into the game that were planned by the Allied and Axis forces, but never existed in reality, as well as weapons and vehicles that were actually used. Some of the new weapons and vehicles will include: The Horton HO 229 flying wing, US T95/T28 super heavy tank, Sturmtiger tank, US Goblin Jetfighter, American Armstrong Whitworth AW-52 advanced fighter, and German Natter rocket plane.

In addition, the game adds British Commandos and elite German troops to the selectable character classes, as well as an objective mode similar to the objective mode in the popular WWII-themed shooter, Medal of Honor Allied Assault.

There are eight new maps, including: Peenemuende, a V2 research facility (it's probably safe to say that that this one will feature an objective mode similar to Medal of Honor's V2 map), and The Eagle's Nest. EA has set a tentative Fall 2003 release date.

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