A small company that makes (or made) T-shirts. I found one of their shirts for sale in Colorado, and I had to have it. It had the words "It's All Good" on the front, along with a simplistic (though not stick figure) picture (cartoon might be a better word) or a guy's head on the front. It's very beat/poet/carefree looking. The back only had a small 'Be As You Are' logo on it, which was a few interconnected small circles above those four words.

I've been very happy with the shirt and all the mellow moods it brings with it. "It's all good" has long been the motto of my karate teacher, and I enjoy bearing it myself out into the world.

Now that I've been thinking about them again I've looked for some reference, catalog, web site or anything but have been unable to locate the company. If you do discover if they still exist, please msg me.

Editor's note: These are available at http://www.beasyouare.com.

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