I was working in a little bake shop when the two of us first started hooking up. The first time we ever met through mutual friends, I had brought my own drink along to the bowling alley: a mixture of cold hot chocolate and strawberry schnapps, still in the measuring pitcher. He was completely enthralled with it, it was just the kind of ridiculous thing he would do and therefore decided immediately that he had met his soulmate.

Valentine's Day was coming up. We'd only hung out a few times and hadn't even had sex yet but I liked him and knew he liked me.

We had all kinds of Valentine's Day sweets at the bake shop and I stumbled upon the perfect thing to give him. Mixed in with all the heart-shaped cookies iced with phrases like 'Be mine' and such, one solitary and soft spoken cookie had been created to inquire: 'Be my ?'

The simplicity, elegance and innocence of the message really moved me for some reason; I carefully set the precious pastry aside until the end of the day. All I could think about was how I was going to meet him at Scoville Park and nonchalantly ask him if he wanted some dessert.

That was the night we made love for the first time. As I lay there naked before him on my mother's living room floor, he told me I had a beautiful body. He, who would be my '?' for the next four years.

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