In the year of Our System three-and-twelve, three one two, a bird came to the Outer Ring and to the Abbot of the Starward Spin. It was not a bird from the Habitats, but a beast of many eyes on a broad and fanning tail. Nanobots crawled sapphire over the surface, and the eyes clicked.

When the Abbot made to burn it with a laser torch given by Our System, his hand became glued to the bird. Slowly, the bird begin to rustle its feathers, and vines poured from the peacock, green organic as the color faded from the Abbot and he began to fall apart. In two rotations of the Outer Ring, there was a set of eggs in the window of the Abbey of the Starward Spin.

Slowly the purity of metal is fading as peacocks roam the habitats and green festers on the walls. Beasts, fractal beasts, and the trees are fractal trees that open with the cameras of Our System.

And that, my daughter, is why we are going to the park today. They have finished with the abbey, and the market, and the protein factories. They will be coming for our house soon, and from there, we can see the Star as the peacocks with their thousand eyes come to us with sapphire nanobots and rustling feathers in their fractal tails.

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